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Even the Smallest Things Can Cause a Meltdown

To the awesome waitress, Melissa at Ryan's Restaurant. Thank you!! Thank you for your kindness and patience. You were awesome to our daughter, Lexi tonight. I had tried to prep her for the cheeseburger you have, as it is on a hoagie and not traditional bun. That might be trivial to most, but not for us. You saw Lexi getting anxious and asking a lot of questions. You were great. You got on her level and gave her all your attention. You described your burger in a way that she got excited. You made her feel at ease. The flower shaped patty and ketchup in a smiley face was an awesome touch. What you don't know is Lexi has autism. She is a creature of habit and routine. Even the smallest things like the type of bun can lead to a meltdown. You prevented that from happening. You deserve an award. I knew that Lexi appreciated you too, because she called you over and asked for a hug. Words can't describe the whole experience our family had. Thank you! Thank you, for your kindness and compassion to our daughter.

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