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Cheer Without Fear this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for dreidels, kinara candles, Santa Claus, and meltdowns?!?

For families affected by autism, it can be hard to stay jolly when they are dreading the very things that make the holidays great -- Wonderful things like getting together with friends and family you don’t see often enough, luxuriating in loose schedules and a chaotic mess at someone else’s house, drinking thick eggnog out of mom’s best crystal and eating rare roast-beast.

The extreme change in our routines, locales and foods can create a very unpleasant season for everyone if care is not taken to provide a sensory-friendly holiday in advance. To make things more accessible and fun for my little one this year, I’m asking my family and friends to use this CAC tipsheet. I’d encourage you to use and share it as well.

Happy Holidays!!

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