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Providing client-centered, empathic ABA for children ages 2-8 in a clinic-based setting.


About Bridges

The Bridges clinic at the Chattanooga Autism Center offers intensive, clinic-based therapy for children ages 2-8 with behavioral difficulties and/or developmental delays. Under the guidance of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), children receive individualized, play-based instruction that is geared towards school readiness. BCBAs collaborate closely with caregivers and Registered Behavior Technicians to help children improve communication, build pre-academic skills, engage in social interactions with peers, and gain independence, all the while reducing challenging behaviors at home and in the community. 

About Bridge


Helping children gain the skills to advocate for their needs and navigate through life is at the forefront of what we do.

  • Children learn how to grow communication skills and make requests and express their needs in a safe way.

  • Children build the listener skills to keep them safe at home, school, and in the community. 

  • Children increase functional living skills such as toileting, toothbrushing, nail clipping, independent play skills, and patience.


Our staff work directly with parents/caregivers to support and encourage them along their journey of understanding, celebrating, and advocating for their children.

  • Caregivers meet one-on-one with a member of a child's care team to ask questions, discuss successes and struggles, and access community resources. 

  • Caregivers learn how ABA therapy works so they can use the strategies themselves.

  • Caregivers are invited to participate in sessions to help generalize their child's learning to other meaningful environments.



Too often autistic children are excluded from traditional school settings. We bridge that gap by teaching the skills they need to succeed in inclusive classrooms.

  • Children receive individualized, one-on-one attention to help them reach developmental goals.

  • Children practice emerging skills in real time in an environment that is modeled on a preschool setting.

  • Children build interactive play skills, learn how to navigate conflict, and form friendships.

  • Children learn to recognize and communicate their sensory needs to prevent exclusion in traditional settings due to behavioral concerns.


Is Bridges ABA a good fit for my child?


We currently serve children ages 2-8.


Most insurances require an autism diagnosis.


We are in-network with several commercial and TennCare plans. Contact us for more info.


We provide ABA in a clinic-based setting at the Chattanooga Autism Center. 


We offer morning sessions (9am-2pm) for ages 2-6, and afternoon sessions (3pm-6pm) for ages 5-8.

Inquire About Services


Fill out this form or give us a call at 423-531-6961, opt. 2 for more information or to add your child to our ABA waitlist!

Thanks for submitting! We'll reach out soon with more information.


FAQs About ABA

What is ABA therapy?

  • ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is an evidence-based intervention that improves functional outcomes for children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disorders.

  • ABA aims to decrease dangerous or harmful behaviors such as aggression and self-injury by increasing skills such as communication, peer interactions, and engagement in learning activities. 

  • ABA works directly with caregivers to set goals, integrate interventions into home and community settings, and measure progress with the aim of creating life-long change for children and families.

What does ABA at the CAC look like?

  • Lots of play! Play is the foundation of learning in young children.

  • 1:1 instruction time with therapists in and outside of individual classrooms.

  • Frequent breaks in our sensory and calm down rooms to move and relax.

  • Structured peer play where children practice social goals in a supportive setting.

  • Group instruction via circle time where kids build kindergarten readiness skills such as engaging in group learning, sharing materials, and participating in collaborative projects.

Are there other ABA providers in the area?

We realize our clinic might not be the best fit for every family, child, schedule, etc. With that in mind, have created a list of other ABA providers in our region to help you save time searching for them on the web. This list is for informational purposes only and being listed does not constitute the endorsement of the CAC. ​

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing an ABA provider. To help families with this process, we have also compiled a list of questions you may want to ask ABA providers when deciding which one is the best fit for you and your family. Click this link for a great list of "Questions to Ask" when talking to or meeting with potential ABA therapists.


New Clinic

We're excited to announce that we have created a new larger space for our Bridges Behavior Therapy Clinic at 507 W. 26th St., Chattanooga TN 37408! The new space has a state of the art sensory room, calm spaces, rooms for group and social activities, classrooms, specialized bathrooms for toilet training, an outdoor play and therapy area, and sensory-friendly rooms throughout. Kids and their therapists get to play and work together in adaptive, fun spaces to practice their emerging skills safely. The Chattanooga Autism Center's other outpatient clinic and autism programs continue to be provided at their location at 1400 McCallie Avenue location.

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Work for Bridges!

Interested in working for Bridges? The Chattanooga Autism Center is seeking full-time and part time behavior technicians to work with young children in the ABA clinic. BCBA fieldwork experience and supervision provided. 

For consideration of employment, send current CV or resume, cover letter, and a list of professional references to Claire Dimmer: 

& Anna Straussberger:

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