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Out ‘n’ About Goes to the Circus!

Ringling Bros and Bailey Circus invited the CAC to a sensory-touch event before their opening night on March 19th at McKenzie Arena. Families were treated to a VIP treatment, with a private showing of props, costumes, motorcycles, and performers, all within a sensory-friendly environment. Guido the horse even made a special appearance! Around 20 families (that’s about 75 people) got to enjoy the special event. Our families were even treated to enjoy the show with passes from our new friends at the circus.

Events such as these are important, because many families that have a special needs child(ren) might not otherwise enjoy an outing with the entire family. Many times, a parent has to stay behind with that child, because he/she does not feel comfortable in a typical environment. For most families, these events through the Chattanooga Autism Center is the only time they can enjoy time together, without the worry of experiencing a sensory-overload from the environment.

Accommodations such as lower volume, special times, low crowds, and dim lights, all help to ensure a safer and low-sensory environement. For more information about our family events, or to partner with Out ‘n’ About to host a sensory-friendly event, please contact Elizabeth at

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