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Q & A with Garfield Adams

Date: Jul 20, 2020 6:30 PM 

Meeting Recording:

Access Password: LP&QJT55

Download PDF of Powerpoint

FAQ: Link to Frequently Asked Questions at Hamilton County Schools (this information gets updated periodically. 

EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION FAQ Link to Frequently Asked Questions of the Exceptional Education Department at HSC.  (updated 7/30/2020).

Questions/Answers: During the Webinar received over 170 questions. HCS is working on consolidating them and putting them in categories. Many are duplicates or very similar. They hope to either update the existing FAQ document or create a new one based on these questions and share on the HCDE website. We'll watch for that and link to it here.

Direct Contacts

HCS Exceptional Education Dept wants you to contact them with your questions and concerns directly. Based on your questions, email it to the person below. They will review and either respond directly, or share your question with the appropriate team member to respond to you directly. They are all striving for open communication between parents and staff.

Elementary School Supervisor: Christina Moore -

Midtown Supervisor: Celeste McKenzie -

Middle School Supervisor: Christopher Closson -

High School Supervisor: Mitzi Delker -

Assessment Supervisor: Kathy

Related Service Supervisor: Terrilyn Lade -

Pre-K Coordinator: Mary-Margaret Satterfield -

Webinar Purpose: Provide information that will help parents of Hamilton County School Students who have IEPs to make decisions about which back-to-school option to choose, and also to provide information to parents to help them plan and prepare as students return to school.

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