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DISCLAIMERS: The CAC has compiled lists of autism-related resources in our region to help you save time searching for them on the web. This list of service providers is for informational purposes only and being listed does not constitute the endorsement of the CAC. 

Always call the providers listed or visit their websites to verify ages served, insurance, etc. We try to keep this list updated, but some of our information may be out of date or incorrect.


If you would like us to add a resource or update a resource, contact us at 423-531-6961 opt. 0 or email

Online Support Groups 

3rd Thursday of each month, 1-2:30 pm EST
$40 per session
Growing up with an autistic parent is a unique family experience that is rarely discussed or addressed, even among mental health professionals. The group is a circle of support where people can explore family experiences. Facilitated by a licensed therapist who is also the adult child of an autistic parent, this group is meant to be a safe, semi-structured space for discussion, connection, and learning.
Link for more information and how to register:

This is a free, online support group that is for neurotypical spouses/partners of autistic adults which meets once a month. This group meets on the last Thursdays of every month from 7-8 P.M., Mountain time. To learn more about this group, email


This group has a fee of $45 per session which are offered at various days and times. The time zone group sessions are given is on Eastern Time. For more information about this group, email


These are free, peer support groups which meet on the 1st of every month for 90 minutes. Times for the groups are 6:30 or the 4th Saturday of each month at 11:30 A.M, Eastern Standard Time. For more information about these groups,  email


Alone Together - Making an Asperger Marriage Work
By Katrin Bentley

Click here to find the book on Amazon

An Asperger Marriage
By Gisela and Christopher Slater-Walker

Click here to find the book on Amazon

Marriage & Lasting Relationships with Asperger's Syndrome 
By Eva A. Mendes 

Click here to find the book on Amazon

The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger's Syndrome, and One Man's Quest to be a Better Husband
By David Finch

Click here to find the book on Amazon
Online Courses 
AANE 101 for Couples: Fundamentals of Recognizing and Understanding Neurodiversity in a Relationship 

This is a course that is for couples who are wanting to understand how neurodiversity is in a relationship and how to be more informed about that. Go to this link to learn more about the course and cost.

Web Address
Online Coaching 
Grace Myhills Online Coaching 

This is an online coaching that is through AANE. Click this link to learn more about the coaching sessions and cost. 

Web Address
Here is a link to Mark Hutten's Youtube 
Online Forums 
AANE Forum for Neurotypical Partners 
This forum is free to join. If you have any questions about the forum, email

Web Address

AANE Forum for Divorced/Co-Parenting with Ex-Partner with Asperger's/Autism

This forum is free to join. if you have anyo questions about the forum, email

Web Address
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