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Support Groups

DISCLAIMER: The CAC has compiled lists of autism-related resources in our region to help you save time searching for them on the web. This list of service providers is for informational purposes only and being listed does not constitute the endorsement of the CAC. 


If you would like us to add a resource or update a resource, contact us at 423-531-6961 opt. 0 or email

3rd Thursday of each month, 1-2:30 pm EST
$40 per session
Growing up with an autistic parent is a unique family experience that is rarely discussed or addressed, even among mental health professionals. The group is a circle of support where people can explore family experiences. Facilitated by a licensed therapist who is also the adult child of an autistic parent, this group is meant to be a safe, semi-structured space for discussion, connection, and learning.
Link for more information and how to register:

Our mission is to provide support, services, advocacy, education, and public awareness for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families, as well as educators and other professionals.

Executive Director: Margaret Stanley
Location: 123 Center Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922

Web address
Phone: (865) 247-5082

C.A.N. is a community based group that seeks to provide resources and support to those interested in the Greater Calhoun-Gordon County Area. Click here for their Facebook Group page.

Our mission and vision is connect black families with community and federal Autism-related resources. Our Facebook group will empower our families by offering education and training on the current Autism therapy-related services and how to be an advocate for their children for education and federal services. Our goal is to provide a safe and nonjudgmental place of support to connect them with other families, address questions or concerns on their children’s Autism journey, and to learn different strategies from experts in the field of Autism-related services and therapies.

Although this Facebook Group is comprised of autism-related topics and information; we gladly accept all forms of special needs children as well as multiracial families. We will work to help find resources, education, and more informed guidance for your family as well. 



This program is open to all relative caregivers in our four county area: Walker, Catoosa, Chattooga, and Dade Counties. It is for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, or any other relative who is raising a related child. There are once per month group support meetings where group members can meet over a meal to support one another, vent, compare notes, obtain resources, and learn about things such as child nutrition, available financial assistance, budgeting, parenting skills, and more.


Web address

Phone: (706) 638-1555 or (256) 630-7673


Social and support group for adults with Aspergers and high-functioning autism.

For more information, please contact Nathan Zimmerman, Program Director, at
See this Facebook Group page for parents and advocates who want to be alerted to updates about the group:


FamilyShare is LifeLine’s monthly support group meeting open to families regardless of their child’s diagnosis or age. Join them to listen to a representative from a local resource share information about their organization, how to get services, and answer questions from families. Find others who share the same struggles and joys.

Web address

Phone: (423) 645-0504

This group mainly provides events, services and support groups for the Northwest Georgia area. Counties include Catoosa, Walker, Dade, Whitfield and Murray Counties. Some Atlanta area services and supports are shared. If you are in the North Georgia area and want to share with other parents or caregivers and offer support you are welcome to do so. This group was created to provide support for families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Click here for their Facebook Group page.

RealTalk is an all-inclusive support group for caregivers of children and adults with special needs based in Cleveland, TN. Kids are more than welcome to attend. There is a sensory room filled with sensory toys for their convenience and enjoyment. Food is provided in a potluck style and is always free. If you have a favorite dish or someone in your family has a specific or restricted diet, there is a refrigerator, microwave, and oven available for your use. Click here for their Facebook Group page. 

The Seed Theatre is an inclusive safe space venue and tea & coffee shop where everyone is welcome. It operates under the umbrella of B4CK and focuses on the same goal - to offer safety to people who don't typically have it. Specifically, The Seed Theatre does this by offering a safe that is LGBTQ+ friendly and Trans affirming. It offers a safe and sober space that allows people from all walks of life to have community and safety, experience art, and share their own voice and perspective. Some of their regular events include live theatre, family nights, game tourneys, sober socials, fundraisers, education, yoga & self-care, support groups, community, and InfoShoppe. All proceeds from Seed Theatre activities go directly back to B4CK and their mission. 

Phone: (706) 280-0533


Web addressSeed Theatre – B4CK

Location: 6237 Vance Rd Suite 5, Chattanooga, TN 37421

The philosophy of the Special-ly Au-some Moms Support Group (SAMSG) is simple. They are a bunch of moms who have children with special needs of all kinds. They are there to support each other in any way possible. Often they hold Moms Night Out and Dads Night Out events that help everyone relax and connect with each other.  Click here their Facebook group page.

The Southern Neurodiversity Alliance is an advocacy collective, accommodation innovation workshop, and community support group for autistic and neurodivergent people in the Deep South. It is not affiliated with any one clinic or professional and is a grassroots effort to improve supports for us in the region.

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