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Schools and Educational Programs

DISCLAIMER: The CAC has compiled lists of autism-related resources in our region to help you save time searching for them on the web. This list of service providers is for informational purposes only and being listed does not constitute the endorsement of the CAC. 


If you would like us to add a resource or update a resource, contact us at 423-531-6961 opt. 0 or email

ACE Mentor creates teams of high school students and mentoring firms to educate students on the architecture, construction, and engineering professions. The teams meet during the school year to plan and design innovative projects to mirror "real-world" conditions. Mentors will help students develop solutions based on basic problem solving techniques and state-of-the-art design tools. Teams gather information by taking field trips to construction sites and notable buildings to learn the requirements in designing and erecting these buildings. The student will gain knowledge and skills in these professions, boost communication skills, and prepare for the future workforce. They will also gain connections that can help with college admissions, internships, and full time employment. 


Contact: Breanne Kintz (615) 815-8796, 



  • A screening to identify potential developmental and educational concerns.

  • A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation that may include psychological, social, behavioral, speech and language, and developmental/educational assessments.

  • If the child meets eligibility for special education services, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed, and special education services will be provided.

  • Based on eligibility and the needs of the child, related services may also be recommended, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and special transportation.

  • These services are available at no cost to the parent/guardian.

Phone: (706) 259-6136

CCS provides comprehensive Exceptional Education services to facilitate student growth through evaluation, intervention, accommodations, and modifications. Exceptional Education professionals work with faculty and staff so that teachers are able to meet a variety of student needs across ability levels. Alternate reading and math curricula are used as needed for students who require a different means of instruction.

An individual service plan (ISP), which is based on standardized testing that demonstrates an eligible diagnosis, is developed to help students with exceptionalities succeed academically at CCS. Exceptional Education staff members work to help students learn as they are best able to learn. At CCS, we have students with a variety of needs who are fully included in each classroom. Our intent is to serve whole families who would have all of their children attend CCS, regardless of their academic capabilities. CCS offers alternate diploma tracks according to student needs.

Exceptional Education staff work with the Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE) to ensure that students at CCS are afforded an appropriate assessment as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) under the Child Find mandates. Many students at CCS receive therapy services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and language therapy through the provisions of IDEA for parentally-placed private school students.

Contact: Shonda Caines, Director of Exceptional Education Programs
Location: 3354 Charger Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37409
Phone: (423) 362-4032

CHIPS is for children in grades PreK-12 with fun edutainment that suits every students’ needs and interests, be they typical or special learners (e.g. Autism, Dyslexia, AD/HD). CHIPS provides 1-on-1 personalized instruction using art and technology with caring, degreed, highly-trained instructors who embrace, engage, encourage, and empower children’s special gifts, talents, skills, and/or abilities. CHIPS offers Tutoring, Technology Education, STEAM and Project-based Learning, College and Career Prep, and RTI with Progress Monitoring. Programs are designed to provide children accelerated learning to achieve academically and go from school to work more successfully. CHIPS has served students in public, private, home, and college settings in Memphis and Chattanooga, TN since 1995. 
Contact: Tekelia C. Kelly, Education Technology Specialist/ STEAM Teaching Artist
Location: Chattanooga Autism Center, 1400 McCallie Avenue, Suite 100, Chattanooga, TN 37404
Phone: (423) 421-5646

DLA is a non-traditional school, serving PK-12th grade in 2022. Their model emphasizes play-based learning for 4-6 year olds, and a combination of individualized academics in the mornings with hands-on problem-based learning challenges in the afternoons. DLA aims to help all learners flourish through development of independence, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and social-emotional learning.

Grades served: PK-12th grade
Location: 4315 Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, TN 37411
Phone: (423) 708-2621


- Residential. post-secondary school

- Focus on personal and career independence

- Young adults ages 18-26 with specific learning disabilities or other learning differences

Address: 2018 15th Avenue South, Birminham, AL 35205
Phone: 205-322-6605

LearningRx one-on-one brain training helps individuals from age 5 to 105 sharpen their cognitive skills (things like attention, working memory, processing speed, reading and problem solving) to help them think faster, learn easier, and perform better. This training targets weak learning skills with mental exercises to directly address struggles associated with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD, speech/language disorders, and general learning disabilities. The on-site programs partner every client with a personal brain trainer, much like is seen with a physical therapist or a personal trainer at the gym, to keep them engaged, accountable, and on-task—a key advantage over online-only brain exercises. The environment is one of growth, fostering the mindset of viewing mistakes as opportunities. This builds confidence and creates life-long learning skills. These non-medicated methods have been used in clinical settings for 35 years and have been verified as beneficial in peer-reviewed research papers and journals.

Address: 2040 Hamilton Place Blvd., Ste 780, Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone: (423) 305-1599

Ludic Spectrum Center continues to be a vital program for many students who require the most intensive instruction in the greater Cleveland area. They serve the community of individuals with ASD by providing a quality program for children with ASD and other developmental disabilities; They also serve the community by providing various types of support for those affected by ASD including families, preschools and daycares, and churches; Lastly they are here to serve the Lee community by providing opportunities for Lee University students to observe and have hands-on experience in the program.

Address: 500 Tasso Lane Northeast, Cleveland, TN, 37323

Phone: (423) 476-4722


The Tennessee Valley Region Relative Caregiver Program (RCP) is a partnership of the Southeast Tennessee Area Agency on Aging & Disability and State of Tennessee's Department of Children's Services.  The program provides a "one-stop-shop" for relatives who are raising children related to them by blood, or marriage.  It is designed to be a comprehensive system of information, referrals, and support services that will promote resource awareness and stability for families.  RCP serves the counties of  Bledsoe, Bradley, Franklin, Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Polk, Rhea and Sequatchie.

The Relative Caregiver Program offers a variety of supportive services to help keep children with relatives and out of state custody.  These services include:

  • Case management/family advocacy (i.e. attend custody hearings, IEPs)

  • Support groups and educational workshops for the Relative Caregivers

  • Support groups for children and teens

  • Recreational/limited respite services for children and relative caregivers

  • Emergency one-time financial or start-up assistance.


Phone: 1 (866) 735-8752

Skyuka is an accredited Tennessee Category 1 school serving K-12 students from Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Skyuka Hall is also a college preparatory school that is dedicated to serving students with learning differences and academic challenges. Skyuka Hall has an average 1:8 teacher to student ratio and has many neurodiverse students with diagnoses such as ASD level 1 or ADHD. 

Ages served: K - 12

Web address

Location: 5600 Brainerd Road Suite A-24, Chattanooga, TN 37415

Phone: (423) 877-9711


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