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STAGES = Supporting Transitioning Adults Growing in Essential life Skills

The STAGES program at the Chattanooga Autism Center aims to increase independence among autistic adults 18 years old or older (Level 1 autism / Asperger's) through individualized training sessions to promote achievement of the participant’s independent living goals. The STAGES program believes that increasing independence ultimately increases overall quality of life as participants reach their full potential.

STAGES serves applicants, regardless of diagnosis, who experience difficulty in some or all of these areas: 

  • Maintaining daily environment

  • Communication

  • Social interaction

  • Earning a living

  • Personal hygiene

  • Transportation

STAGES serves those adults who desire to: 

  • Acquire daily living skills.

  • Live a more social life and connect with other adults who experience similar difficulties.

  • Gain skills that make maintaining employment easier and more likely.

  • Live a more independent life, either within their current situation or in their own housing.

  • Give back to the autism community through serving others with ASD.

Part of the STAGES team at the 2019 Chattanooga Autism Awareness Walk.

Staff, participants, and family members all came out to practice our social skills and support autism awareness and acceptance.


Who we are

Sara - Program Director

Alexis - Behavior Technician

Beth - Behavior Technician

Courtney - Behavior Technician

Kajol - Behavior Technician

Stages of STAGES



Building a STRONG foundation

6-10 direct hours per week


One STEP at a time

4-5 direct hours per week


Moving on UP

2-3 direct hours per week


Climbing to the TOP

2 direct hours provided bi-weekly 


Maintaining your BALANCE

Consultation services provided 1x/month or more if requested.

New Service!
New Service!

Consulting: $70/hour + initial $25 fee (waived for previous STAGES participants)

  • Assistance with finite tasks such as test prep/study, college integration supports, driving assistance, etc.

  • Individualized goals and outcomes, as determined by a behavior therapist

  • A minimum of 5 hours billed per service; up to 3 months of services

  • 1 hour 1:1 meeting time with STAGES behavior therapist or behavior technician

  • Data collection and analysis, community outreach, visual support creation, etc.


STAGES stories

These are a few of the faces of STAGES participants, staff, and families

Paying for STAGES


STAGES is paid for utilizing private pay methods, where the individual/family pays for services out of pocket, or through the ECF Choices waiver. 

At this time, STAGES works with BlueCross/BlueShield of Tennessee as our managed care organization when a participant is utilizing the ECF Choices waiver.  We provide services through Community Integration Support Services and Independent Living Skills training.  If you're already an ECF Choices member, contact your care coordinator about adding these services to your Individual Support Plan and chose STAGES as your provider. Or contact us and we will contact your care coordinator for you!  


Go online to learn more about the ECF Waiver program and to apply:

Because the STAGES model is individualized and participants progress through the stages at their own pace, there is no "regular" cost to completing the STAGES program.  Each stage has a different cost associated with it that reflects the amount of time and involvement from STAGES staff. 

Current STAGES participants can use the button below to pay their monthly fees or to pay for STAGES classes and other STAGES programs they wish to attend.


Click “Buy Now” button below, enter the dollar amount you need to pay in the “Item price” box on in the order summary.


This can be your monthly fee amount, the price of a class you’re attending, or whatever price was listed that you need to pay.

Support STAGES!


Make a tax-deductible donation to the STAGES program:

  1. Write a check to the Chattanooga Autism Center, and put "STAGES Program Donation" in the memo. Mail to the Chattanooga Autism Center, 1400 McCallie Ave., Suite 100, Chattanooga, TN 37404.​​

  2. Call 423-531-6961, opt. 0 to make a credit card donation over the phone. Be sure to specify that your donation is for the STAGES program.

  3. Click the yellow button below to donate online.

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