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( Parent Advocate Collaboration Team)

All of our projects and programs have been developed by an ever-growing Parent / Advocate Collaboration Team (PACT). The CAC is open to parents, advocates, and professionals who wish to help shape the services and supports related to autism spectrum disorders in our region. We have contributors from many different counties, not just from Chattanooga. Parents can participate via meetings as well as through e-mail and phone contact.


PACT created an autism resource library, provides monthly workshop series, hosts very successful community conferences on autism, held or participated in fundraisers, and created an IEP parent mentor project.


After the CAC incorporated, other parents and advocates continue to build programs in the same way. They have created a transitional living program called STAGES, hosted a successful annual awareness walk, a Spanish Language Outreach program, a summer education program, and many more programs. All programs are started with ideas from parents and then those parents and other people form committees to build and sustain them.


Any parent or advocate is encouraged to reach out to the CAC for help building a program using the same method as PACT meetings did. You put your idea out to the families and seek other volunteers. You can host planning meetings at the CAC and outline your goals and tasks. The CAC can help you with this process and give your project or program a home.

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