IEP/504 Mentoring and Support

DISCLAIMER: The CAC has compiled lists of autism-related resources in our region to help you save time searching for them on the web. This list of service providers is for informational purposes only and being listed does not constitute the endorsement of the CAC. 


If you would like us to add a resource or update a resource, contact us at 423-531-6961 opt 2 or email

Chattanooga Autism Center's IEP/504 Mentoring Program

The Chattanooga Autism Center's IEP/504 Caregiver Mentoring Program is a training and advocacy group run by caregivers of loved ones with disabilities. Their purpose is to provide information, support, and guidance to other caregivers so that they may better advocate for their own children in the educational realm.

If you have questions about IEP's, 504 Plans, RTI, supports, modifications, accommodations, services, evidence-based practices, discipline, goals, objectives, assistive technology, therapies, twice exceptional programs, or anything else educationally related, feel free to contact them.

Program Coordinator:  Angela Bouch and Dewayne Galyon



Phone:  (423) 531-6961 (option 2) 

Office Hours:  Thursdays and Fridays 10:00am-12:30pm (EST)

The Arc of Tennessee

The Arc of Tennessee provides one-on-one mentoring for parents who are navigating the special education system. They help parents understand, develop, and revise their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or 504 Plans, communicate better with schools, and become their child's advocate.  


Phone: (615) 248-5878 (ext. 306)

Mission: serve as the local hub for families in the Chattanooga region in search of resources, support, and guidance as they care for children with special healthcare needs, chronic illnesses, or disabilities.       


  • Parent Mentoring

  • One-on-one peer support, including help navigating the healthcare system. 

  • Advocacy training for parents.

  • Leadership training for families who want their voices to be heard in decisions that affect their child's care.

Email: Lisa Spurlock at

Office: (423) 648-1740

Link to Q/A Video: who we are
Cell: (423) 645-0504

If you have questions about IEP's, 504 Plans, RTI, supports, modifications, accommodations, services, consider joining this Facebook Group. This group posts updates about special educational issues. Its moderator and others work to answer questions from parents about special education rights.

When you look at your child’s IEP (or IFSP or 504 plan), what do you see? Do you see a cohesive document that reflects your child’s strengths, needs, goals, and supports to accomplish them? Or do you see a pile of papers with a bunch of acronyms that only partially makes sense? If your response is the last one, let LifeLine, Inc. help! LifeLine, Inc. offers IEP consultations to help families learn about their child’s IEP. Call today for a line-by-line review of your child’s documents.

SERVICES: Training on IDEA law, one on one meetings with parents to mentor them on navigating through the special education system, prepare parents for IEP meetings to support them in their advocacy efforts, outreach through newsletter and other community activities. Other services include training classes for churches on how to develop a special needs ministry, ParentLink project, or a Community Parent Resource Center.

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Email: Lisa Mattheiss at

Office: (423) 622-4007
Cell: (423) 645-0504

Support and Training for Exceptional Parents (STEP-TN) provides training on special education rights and the IEP/504 Plan process.  STEP-TN also provides one-on-one assistance with record review, strategy planning meetings, goal writing sessions, and can attend meetings with caregivers.

TIP SHEET on eligibility requirements, how to request an evaluation, and more:



Facebook Page

Phone:     (800) 280-7837  or (423) 639-0125 ext. 17


System of Care Across Tennessee (SOCAT) offers care coordination using a wraparound approach for children, young adults, and their families.  SOCAT trains parents on special education rights and helps them with IEP and 504 Plan creation and maintenance . Their Eastern Tennessee office is in Knoxville but they travel. 

Phone:  (615) 269-7751  


Michal Jones is the Parent Mentor for Walker County Schools in GA and serves parents of special needs children.  Call or email if you have questions about IEPs or 504s and other issues.

Phone:   706-375-9900

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