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IEP/504 Caregiver Mentoring Program


The IEP/504 Caregiver Mentoring Program is a training and advocacy group run by caregivers of loved ones with disabilities. Our purpose is to provide information, support, and guidance to other caregivers so that they may better advocate for their own children in the educational realm. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about IEP's, 504 Plans, RTI, supports, modifications, accommodations, services, evidence-based practices, discipline, goals, objectives, assistive technology, therapies, twice exceptional programs, etc., you have found the right place.

Do you have experience with IEPs or 504 Plans and think you would like to help other caregivers? 

Then we encourage you to become a mentor to other caregivers! No required hours. Do as much or as little as your circumstances allow. To find out what is involved, email Angela Bouch and Dewayne Galyon at email coming 

Need have some questions about IEPs or 504s or Special Education Rights?


Email Angela Bouch and Dewayne Galyon at coming  


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