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Educational Workshops

These workshops are generally held once a month in the evenings. The topics cover a broad range of things like feeding Issues, taking your special needs child to the dentist, estate planning and conservatorships, sensory diets, Q & A’s with the doctor and summer camps. The evening ends with an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

  • Who does your program primarily serve? Parents, care-givers and teachers of children/adults with autism.

  •  What are the goals of your program? How does it serve the autism community? Parents always have questions and we strive to help them find the answers as best we can. It is our goal to partner with parents and professionals to make the journey as smooth as possible.

  • Do you want to grow the program? If so, how? And, what would be needed? It would be nice to have the budget to bring in speakers from Atlanta or Nashville. To do that we would need to pay expenses.

  • Wish List: Craft supplies for the children to do while their parents are at the workshops.

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