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Autism and Driving Workshop

Who is this workshop for? 

Individuals ages 16+ with autism spectrum disorder, and their parents/caregivers, who are interested in or in the process of obtaining their driver's license.

Goals for this workshop:

1. Students will have a better understanding of the unique abilities and challenges that come along with being a driving with autism.

2. Parents will have obtain resources to help train their students on practical driving skills.

3. Students and parents will have a better understanding of the students' ability and desires when it comes to driving. 

What will the workshop involve?

The workshop will be broken down into three sections.

Section one will be for both individuals and parents to discuss the advantages and challenges of driving with autism, listen to a speaker with ASD discuss his challenges to driving, interact with the Chattanooga Police Department and learn basic police interaction skills. 

Section two will split students and parents into different rooms so that students can learn and discuss basic driving rules and parents can discuss ways to help their child practice driving.  Both sections will come away with valuable learning resources.

Section three will involve a hands-on "driving" experience where students will get to experience driving tasks such as: following directions, stopping at stoplights and signs, making turns, and dealing with distractions while driving.  Note: students will not actually be driving during this section and will practice these skills within a pretend/practice scenario.

When is the driving workshop?

Saturday July 20th, 2019

12pm - 3pm  (Lunch provided)

Where is the driving workshop?

Chattanooga Autism Center

1400 McCallie Ave 

Suite 100

Chattanooga, TN

How much does it cost?

$20 per community student/parent combination

$15 per STAGES Participant/parent combination

Payment can be made in person the day of or via the PayPal link in the confirmation email.


at the workshop?

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