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Art & Autism

Art and Autism is a program designed to help kids on the spectrum explore shapes, colors, textures and all other forms art has to offer. We strive to keep it fun and not stressful. This is a great place for children of all abilities on the spectrum to show their creative side!


We strive to provide an environment that will exercise different parts of the brain and expand sensory opportunities while providing a fun activity. If something therapeutic takes place in the process, that is just frosting on the cake.

We currently do not have a specific coordinator of this program. Various advocates and volunteers propose and coordinate art events though, and we announce them as they develop. If you would like to coordinate and host an art event, please call us at 423-531-6961, opt 1.

Art and Autism Wish List:

  • paint (DONATED)

  • digital camera (DONATED)

  • tripod (DONATED)

  • computer editing software

  • canvases (DONATED)

  • clay

  • brushes (DONATED)

  • easels (DONATED)

  • candle wax

  • aluminum foil

  • other art supplies

  • local artists who wish to volunteer their time to develop and coordinate an art activity for kids with autism.

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